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What We Do

As a team of mixed media artists, Resin8 Designs Manchester aspires to bring you the very best in contemporary and bespoke, epoxy resin flooring and worktop installations. By working closely with you in order to provide that beautifully finished, unique, statement piece for your home or business we aspire to deliver exactly what you required. Whether that be a beautifully designed epoxy resin floor finished in Matt, Satin, or gloss, a custom resin worktop for your bathroom, kitchen or reception area to add that wow factor, or an epoxy resin wall system for your bedroom or statement wall living room, don't hesitate to ask. You may even need a customized splash-back, shower panel, or some tiles to suit your exact style, the only limit to our creations is your mind.


In the first part of the new year 2023 we will be holding a series of workshops for those of you who wish to explore the fascinating medium of epoxy as an art form. Why not book your place?

Gorgeous teal, Agate coasters.
Epoxy Flooring_edited
Free-form epoxy resin tray.
Waterproof resin shower walls. Epoxy resin Manchester.
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