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Epoxy Flooring. White, Grey and gold marble design


Clean Design

Our epoxy resin flake flooring system is the perfect solution to your garage floor problems. Available in a vast variety of colours and custom quartz blends, this full or part laid broadcast flake flooring system is designed for maximum durability and ultimate protection. Perfect for cafes, kitchens, loading docks, warehouses, schools and hospitals. Our epoxy resin flooring system for residential homes and businesses  is on the same level as our broadcast flake flooring system but without the heavy flaking, however, we can scatter metallic flakes across your floor, giving you that much coveted quartz look but with a durable, breathable layer. Our epoxy resin floors are a work of art in and of themselves. Custom designed to your specifications and blend of colours, our bespoke resin floors can be coated in your choice of either matt or satin UV resistant finish to ensure that they remain non-slip. The perfect solution for your kitchen, bathroom, toilet, living room, hallway, we can even do your stairs, epoxy resin floors will last you for years.

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