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Monochrome Marble Resin

Updated: Mar 16, 2022

Resin marbled kitchen worktop.
Epoxy Marble Worktop

Very popular lately, on the Epoxy flooring front is the marbled look. Everyone, i mean absolutely everyone wants white background, the hardest to do because you have to be very careful with the ratio, but you do want full coverage. Double priming for us at resin8designs is just good practice and gives us great canvas to work on.

Preparation is EVERYTHING! 80% of laying a one system worktop or floor is in the prep work. Whether that be sanding, grinding, leveling, screeding, whatever it takes, the base must be a great starting point for a work of art. Isoprophyl alcohol, is our best friend. Between layers we like to give our canvas (whatever that may be) a really good dust removal and clean in order to remove anything that could get trapped. To get our design on we use a variety of tools, straws, hairdryers, heat-guns, leaf blowers, you name it, we've tried it, and if it works we'll use it in order to get the desired outcome.

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