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Mar 4, 2023 - Mar 8, 2023

The Fundamentals Of Epoxy Over A Larger Space

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Join me and learn the fundamentals of epoxy resin over a larger area. Interested in working on your own resin projects, or have an epoxy worktop, small epoxy floor area you would like to lay yourself? Then this would be the perfect online workshop for adults, beginners and DIY enthusiasts. Over the course of 9 hours, split into 3 sunday sessions, you will learn the skills required to install epoxy resin over a small area. Day One: Lets talk about the importance of preparation! Looking your sub-base, fillers, sanding requirments, and primers, we will be preparing our small area ready for the next step. Day Two: With our sub-base ready, we will be discussing the variety of epoxy resins available on the market, alongside their benefits, the health and safety aspects, curing times, and pitfalls. Then we move on to installing epoxy. Using your chosen colour, whether that be alcohol ink, mica powder or epoxy paste, you will be shown two of our most popular techniques as well as how to measure and weigh for chosen epoxy installation project. Day Three: Why Top-Coat? The finish on your instalation is the most important part, and the hardest skill to master! Its also something i was'nt taught in class, and had to learn from my mistakes, which is why i include it in my workshop. You will be finishing of your project with your chosen top-coat. Whether that be Matt, Satin or Gloss. The specifications and requirements for each one differ slightly and you will learn how, and why.

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The Fundamentals Of Epoxy Over A Larger Space

The Fundamentals Of Epoxy Over A Larger Space

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